New Interview Styles Adopted by Employers

I attended many interview in 2010-2013, before that I gave dozens of interviews in 2009, interview in 2009 were simple. But I observe that the interview styles in 2010-11 are changing, for example I went for online sales job they ask me to write a sales letter to sell the telephone set which was on… Read More »

What happen in interviews? How to win an interview?

What happen in interviews? How to win an interview? What can be the best strategy? Hope you will learn from this article. I am writing my experience that how I won my first interview and what was the strategy I followed. I attended more than 20 interviews but I was failure to get job. Just… Read More »

Rejoining Application Letter By Teacher

Sample job application for rejoining the teaching job. Rejoining request letter will be helpful for teachers to rejoin the job in school, college or university. You will also learn that how to write rejoining application for teacher. Rejoining Letter For Teacher To, The Principle, Beacon House School System, Abu Dhabi. Subject: Request For Rejoining the Job… Read More »

Application for the Post of a Sales Boy

Sample job application for sales boy and salesmen in departmental stores, super market, Men boutiques and shops. This application can be used to apply for sales job in local stores. Job application for employment as sales boy or salesmen. Write a application letter of a post of a sales boy. Application for the Post of a… Read More »

Job Application for Welder Sample

Sample job application letter for welder to apply for jobs in multinational companies, engineering companies, construction companies, workshops and engineering firms. Given below samples will help you to apply for the jobs as welders world wide. Application for Employment as a Welder To, The manager, HM constructors, LA Respected sir, With due respect , I… Read More »

Application for the Post of Nursery and Kindergarten Levels Teacher

If you are a pre-school teacher and early childhood teacher and want to have a job then you should consult given below application letter format to get a job. Hope that it will serve you well. Job Application For Kindergarten Teacher The Principal Bestway School, Amsterdam, EU SUBJECT: Application for the Post of Nursery and… Read More »

Job Application for Steel Store, Iron Store, Metal Store

Application of work in an iron store, metal store, hardware store and steel works. Given below job application samples are for both the persons either experienced or not. Job Application Letter in Hardware store The Staff Manager Russian Steel Mills, Moscow. Subject: Application Letter For The Post In Iron Store    Respected Sir, Most respectfully,… Read More »

Job Application for the Post of Graphic Designer

If you are finding a job as a graphic designer and want to progress in this field by working in companies, news agencies, publishers, as composers and even as a dress designer and building designer, then given below samples will be helpful for you to have an idea that how to write job application for… Read More »

Job Application for Internal Auditor

Sample cover letter to apply for the post of internal auditor in company or audit firms in response to their advertisements. Companies hire internal auditors for their internal audit which support the external annual audits. Job Application Letter for Internal Auditor To: Abc & Company Chartered Accountants Lahore. Sir, I have read your add regarding… Read More »

Job Application Letter for Risk Management

Sample job application letter for any position of risk management in response to the advertised jobs and online jobs. Risk Managers are hired to analyze the financial risks, investment risks, profit and loss risks with ratio analysis to assist the managers and directors before or after the investments. Cover Letter for Risk Management To, Manager… Read More »