New Interview Styles Adopted by Employers

I attended many interview in 2010-2013, before that I gave dozens of interviews in 2009, interview in 2009 were simple. But I observe that the interview styles in 2010-11 are changing, for example I went for online sales job they ask me to write a sales letter to sell the telephone set which was on the table. I went to Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) for MTO job they asked me to sell the tissues which were on the table to the interviewer.  Once I went to Nadeem Catering Company for sales officer job. They ask me to write a paragraph on given topic “Education” in both languages Urdu and English. I went for interview in an NGO. They ask me to write a Job application. I went to Ovex Technologies Pakistan for a customer relationship officer job they asked me to read a paragraph. Many other asked to do different tasks. I am trying to list all the output of my experience.  You can be given these tasks in any interview. I hope you will find them helpful.

Written Test

Now many companies starting written test to short list the candidates for interview. But here we are only discussing the interview parts.


This is the first task of any interview. Basically most of the interviews start from interview. In this introduction just tell about your current job, professional experience, qualification and your future goals if you want. This is much important part and this part will lead your whole interview.

The second question you may be asked, that can be about your salary package

Writing a paragraph

You can be asked to write a paragraph in any given language Most probably on current affairs or relevant to your qualification, professional experience.

Write a letter

You can be asked to write a letter to any party, it can be a sales letter, job letter, letter to editor, letter of complaint, reply to a complain etc.

Write an application

It is same like letter but most of the times you can be asked to write a job application that you need a job etc.

Sell this product

You can be asked to sell any given product, or available product on interview table, or you can be asked how will you communicate with our customers in this situation interviewer will be your customer. Simly you also can be asked to create a scenario to sell this product.

“Suppose I am shopkeeper do sell me this pack of cigarettes”

“Sell me this tissue box”

“Sell me this telephone set”

Design this product

You also can be asked to design a packing for a specific product, especially if you are there for engineering job interview. Then this will be much important for you.

Reading Material

You can be given a paper to read; mostly that paper will include some special words which will be unknown to you. They will check your proficiency, reading style etc. mostly call center jobs will ask you about this.

On which basis we hire you

This is much important question which most of employers will ask you. Just give an intelligent answer.

Any question

At the end interviewer will say you “ask any question if you want” I suggest you to ask minimum two or three questions. Even you know the answers of those questions.

Please write your experience in comments section below for readers

Rejoining Application Letter By Teacher

Sample job application for rejoining the teaching job. Rejoining request letter will be helpful for teachers to rejoin the job in school, college or university. You will also learn that how to write rejoining application for teacher.

Rejoining Letter For Teacher


The Principle,

Beacon House School System,

Abu Dhabi.

Subject: Request For Rejoining the Job as a Teacher

Dear Madam,

It is to inform you that I am Miss. Rabiah former employee at your school, was on leave due to some personal reason for last three months. Now i want to rejoin you at the same pay scale and post with benefits. Please consider me as you did earlier. I will be very thankful to you for your this kind favor. Looking forward for your positive response.



Rejoining Letter For Teacher

Rejoining Letter For Teacher

Application for the Post of a Sales Boy

Sample job application for sales boy and salesmen in departmental stores, super market, Men boutiques and shops. This application can be used to apply for sales job in local stores. Job application for employment as sales boy or salesmen. Write a application letter of a post of a sales boy.

Application for the Post of a Sales Boy



Cutlery and Fabrics,

Green Street, China Town,

Los Angeles

SUBJECT: Application for the Post of a Sales Boy

Respected Sir,

I am a student of Electrical Engineering at Georgia State University. I saw your add in a newspaper and came to know that that you are looking for a sales boy in your shop. I am also looking for a part time job to make my free time productive and to make some money to meet my study needs. So it is my humble request to please offer me the job.

I will be very thankful to you.


Mikal Paul,

ID card no. 8597

Cover Letter For Sales Man Job


The Manager,

Target Departmental Store,

1150-E, Hillside, U.S

Subject:Cover Letter For The Post Of Sales Man

Dear Sir,

From the authentic source i have come to know that there is a vacant vacancy for the post of sales boy in your departmental store. I am interested to join your departmental store as a sales boy. I have done B.B.A from United States University and got 3.38 C.G.P.A out of 4. Now i want to gain some experience so that i can do much better ahead in my life. To gain experience from your departmental store will be a honor for me.

I assure you that i will work with full of my devotion and hard work to keep up the reputation of your store. I am waiting for your positive response.


Alex Chen.

I.D Card #4235-222135-76

Job Application Letter For Inexperienced Sales Boy


The Manager,

Jigsaw Menswear,

11-Lamb Street, Old Spitalfield Market,


Dear Sir,

I am writing to you as i need a job on urgent basis. I have done BBA in Marketing and Finance  recently and want to join you for gain prior experience. I don’t have any type of sales experience but I am a determined person to learn things quickly. I want to give my services to your company. That will be a proud moment for me to be a part of your company.

my enclosed c.v is attached with this application. Waiting for your positive response.

Thanks and Regards,

Harry Hilton




Job Application for Welder Sample

Sample job application letter for welder to apply for jobs in multinational companies, engineering companies, construction companies, workshops and engineering firms. Given below samples will help you to apply for the jobs as welders world wide.

Application for Employment as a Welder


The manager, HM constructors, LA

Respected sir,

With due respect , I would like to tell you that I wanted to apply for your new construction project as I have come to know about your hiring of new people. Sir I am a very skilled person in my field, I have worked with many big projects. Sir I shall be really thankful to you if you select me as a part of this project. I am eager to give all my best to this project. Thanks.


Robert James, LA

Cover Letter for Welder Job

The Plant Manager,
Bless Construction Works Pvt. Ltd.
Uganda, Africa


Respected Sir,

Hope this letter finds you in good health. Yesterday, I have seen a vacancy announcement at your plant for the post of welder. I am interested in applying for this job as it counterparts with my expertise and experience. I have ten years of experience as a welder in several international organizations with welding services portfolio. I am skilled in 6G, 6GR Arc and 6G SMAW welding with certified training and industrial experience. I want to serve your organization as a welder. All the required documents and experience certificates are attached with this application letter along with the resume. Kindly consider my profile for the job mentioned in the subject, I shall be waiting for your kind response.

Yours Sincerely,

Thayumana Selvam

Job Application Letter for Welder

The Manager,
Deskon Engineering Firm,
Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Subject: Cover Letter for Welding Job

Dear Concern,

From an advertisement on Face Book page of your company I have come to know that you need welders from Pakistan to Dubai. That’s why I am applying for job. Here in Pakistan I have done Intermediate from Poly Technique Institute with the specialization of welding. I also have work experience of two years in Ahmed Construction Company. There I did:

  • Wire feed welding
  • wrenching
  • Fabrications with welding and lay outs
  • Mechanical Hydraulics
  • Installs and repair equipment etc.

By keeping in view my expertise kindly consider me for this job. My all the detailed documents and certificates are attached for your convenience.

Waiting for your positive response.

Thanks and Regards,


Application for the Post of Nursery and Kindergarten Levels Teacher

If you are a pre-school teacher and early childhood teacher and want to have a job then you should consult given below application letter format to get a job. Hope that it will serve you well.

Job Application For Kindergarten Teacher

The Principal

Bestway School,

Amsterdam, EU

SUBJECT: Application for the Post of Nursery and Kindergarten Levels Teacher

Respected Sir,

It is Kindly stated that I am lettering this application in reply to the announcement of vacancies in the newspaper for the post of nursery and KG teacher. I have been serving as a teacher for the same levels in many distinguished institutions since last three years with good records and awards of appreciations and distinctions. I have taught all the subjects at the nursery and KG level. I want to work for your school as a teacher. I shall be very thankful if you give me this chance at a prestigious institution like this. Kindly consider my application for the above mentioned post. All the verified documents along with detailed resume are attached.

Yours Sincerely,


Job Application Letter For Early Childhood Teacher

The Principal,

GEMS school,


Subject: Job Application for Pre-School Teacher

Dear Madam,

From the newspaper i have come to know that your institute needs pre-school teachers on urgent basis. With reference to that ad i am writing to you. I have done B.Ed Elementary and B.A with the specialization subject of kindergarten and pre-school teacher. I have two years experience to work with Ali Institute in Lahore, Pakistan. There I did many tasks such as:

  • Curriculum development
  • Manage the class according to the activities and subjects
  • lesson planning
  • Assessment of students etc

Now i want to join you to enhance my key and core skills under your supervision. It will be a honor for me to work with you. Kindly give a chance to show my skills and creativity by considering me. I will be very thankful to you. Waiting for your positive response.




Job Application for Steel Store, Iron Store, Metal Store

Application of work in an iron store, metal store, hardware store and steel works. Given below job application samples are for both the persons either experienced or not.

Job Application Letter in Hardware store

The Staff Manager

Russian Steel Mills,


Subject: Application Letter For The Post In Iron Store


 Respected Sir,

Most respectfully, I am writing this application in response of the advertisement for the requirement. I have experience of working in a metal store with expertise in purchase, molding, grinding, welding and furnishing the iron metal products. I have also done technical courses in metal casting and sic dimensional welding. Kindly consider my application or the vacant post at this store.  I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Sincerely,


Cover Letter For Employment In Metal Store


The Supervisor,

Dubai Iron Store,

Abu Dhabi.

Subject: Request Letter For employment in Steel Works

Dear Sir,

From the authentic source i have come to know that you have a vacancy for craftsman in your steel works. I have done matriculation and mechanical diploma in  related field. I have one year experience in local steel works. I can do molding, grinding and welding of spare parts. I want to join you to enhance my experience as well as skills.

My related Documents are attached with this application. Kindly consider me to serve you with all of my expertise. I will be very thankful to you. Waiting for your positive response.



Job Application for the Post of Graphic Designer

If you are finding a job as a graphic designer and want to progress in this field by working in companies, news agencies, publishers, as composers and even as a dress designer and building designer, then given below samples will be helpful for you to have an idea that how to write job application for the post of graphic designer.

Application Letter For The Post Of Graphic Designer

The Manager Human Resource

I2C Communications Inc.

Ferozpur Road, Lahore.

SUBJECT: COVER LETTER / Application for the Post of Graphic Designer

Respected Concern,

Hope this letter finds you in best of your health. I am writing this for showing my interest in the job at this company for as a graphic designer. I have required experience of three years. Recently I am working on several graphic designing projects as a freelance. I have hands on experience of 3D Max Studio, Coral Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Unity 3D platform, .NET, Java and web graphics integrations. Kindly have a view at my resume and portfolio attached. Kindly consider this application for the above mentioned post. I shall be waiting to hear response from you.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely,

Atif Hameed

Cover Letter for Graphic Designer

The Manager,



Subject: Cover Letter for the Job of Graphic Designer

Dear Sir,

Through the advertisement I have come to know that you appreciate fresh graphic designers to give experience and training. I have done BFA in graphic designing from Maryland Institute college of Art Baltimore. There i learn:

  • Principal of Design
  • Concept Development
  • Advertising
  • Digital Typography
  • rinting Technology
  • Packaging Design
  • Design Process
  • Layouts
  • Visual Studies
  • Customized Promotion Graphic
  • Color theory
  • Photoshop
  • Design and composition
  • Logo design
  • Computer technology etc.

By keeping in view above skills of mine, kindly give me opportunity to work with you so that i can learn more and more.  Though i don’t have as such experience but i can do my best by using my creativity and skills. I will be honored if you consider me. My all the required documents and certificates are attached with this application awaiting for your positive response.

Thanks and Regards,

Sophia Adams

Job Application for Internal Auditor

Sample cover letter to apply for the post of internal auditor in company or audit firms in response to their advertisements. Companies hire internal auditors for their internal audit which support the external annual audits.

Job Application Letter for Internal Auditor


Abc & Company Chartered Accountants



I have read your add regarding the vacancy of Internal Auditor and in response I am sending this job application.

I have done my ICMA and during my studies I also work in a reputed Audit firm. I have good command on audit of Accounts and checking financial statements and notes forming part there of.

I want to join reputed organization on long term basis for my better career and also for the benefit of organization.

I hope you will give me a chance to prove myself

Yours truly,

Muhammad Ahmad

Job Application for Internal Auditor

Job Application for Internal Auditor

Job Application Letter for Risk Management

Sample job application letter for any position of risk management in response to the advertised jobs and online jobs. Risk Managers are hired to analyze the financial risks, investment risks, profit and loss risks with ratio analysis to assist the managers and directors before or after the investments.

Cover Letter for Risk Management


Manager HR,

City Bank,


Dear Sir,

In response to your job advertisement for the vacant position of Risk Manager in daily Dawn, please accept my CV and document for the vacant position of Risk Manager. Following are my education details along with the professional experience.

Completed my Degree of MBA finance from xxxx university, in the year 2012. I achieved distinction in my class and was allowed to work with Ms xxx company as an internee for 3 months. I started my professional carrier as credit and risk manager in NIB bank in the year 2013. My major job responsibilities were to prepare expected cash flow of the customer’s business, verification of the customer’s financial statements along with forecasting, credit facility evaluation and disbursement. Now I have been able to complete 3 successful years in the bank as Credit and Risk Manager, I want to join your organization to enhance my experience in field of Risk Management. Your requirements for the advertised job, I met the initial criteria set by your organization. Kindly allow me an opportunity for an interview.

Looking forward to hear from you,


Xxxx candidate.

Job Application for Finance Officer

Sample job application for finance officer to send resumes and apply for jobs only or via email. You can use this job application for finance officer, finance executive, finance analysts. Finance officers normally support the finance manager to analyze the financial matters of the company like investments, costs, ROI and others.

Cover Letter for Finance Officer


Manager HR,

Royal Bank of Scotland,


Dear Sir,

Today an add was posted on by you, that position of Finance officer is lying vacant in your organization, in response to that job add as a candidate for the vacant job, I am writing to you this letter.

I obtained my MBA finance degree from xxx university, xxx country. After successful completion of my educational carrier, I started my professional carrier from xxx finance company as financial analyst. My job description was to forecast expected returns of the company. I also performed duties in financing and credit department, where I evaluated credit risk and sanctioned credit facility to customers. Completed all legal and organizational documentation including all legal paper work to award credit facility to a customer, keeping in view legal formalities.

I match the education and experience required by your organization for the vacant post, you are requested to consider my as candidate for the post of Finance Officer. Kindly allow me an opportunity for an interview for further evaluation of my skill and competency for the post.

Waiting to receive a communication from your side,


Candidate xxxx